The hard-to-find 7.7X58 Japanese Arisaka

7.7X58 Japanese Arisaka- 150gr SP, Light Recoil

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    This 7.7 X 58mm load is a low-pressure round designed for your vintage military rifle.  At 150 grains accelerated to 2,300 fps (26" barrel) it is easy on your shoulder and your old Arisaka.  This is a great way to exercise that old type 38 or type 99 rifle.  Despite pressures well under 40k PSI, these rounds are not recommended in "last ditch" rifles.  As a general rule, these last ditch "firearms" should be admired for their historical significance, but NOT for their ability to shoot.


    This Speer spitzer soft point can also be used to take deer-sized game at shorter distances.



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    1. My go to for my hard to find ammo

      Excellent place to buy from and quality ammo.. on Dec 13th 2017

    2. Great ammo, Great price

      Type 99 ammo are hard to find these days. Found this product on ammoseek and it has fired and cycled through my Arisaka without a hitch. These are great reloads with good accuracy. Cheapest 7.7 box you can find.

      XCaliber 10/9/17: We're glad you enjoyed these! Please keep in mind XCaliber loads all ammunition with new, virgin brass unless otherwise noted.
      on Oct 6th 2017

    3. Affordable, and packs a punch.

      Smooth action, cartridge loads/ejects without any hickups. Accurate for my needs, consistent results over the 20 shots I took on my first use. Will buy again. on Aug 20th 2017

    4. 7.7x58 Japanese Ammo

      This was ammo was perfect. Cycled through the action smoothly, fired flawlessly. Thank you for providing this unique caliber ammo in such good quality. Cliff Nelson on Jul 18th 2017

    5. Jap 7.7mm Ammo

      This ammo does not shoot as accurately as the 174gr. FMJ in my Jap Type 99 1941 rifle.

      XCaliber 7/16/17- Thanks for the input, Darryel.

      While the 150gr is more popular right now, the 174 gr is definitely a superior load. We like to provide this 150gr load for guys that
      - place greater importance on cost vs. accuracy
      - are nervous to shoot a particular type 99 for the first time (post war)
      - desire to delay throat erosion or other normal wear and tear on their gun

      Thanks for your business, and we hope to hear from you again.

      - Andy S.
      on Jul 14th 2017

    6. Email after email wanting a review just days after receiving product

      I mean really what do you want this review to say? bullets arrived? They are pointed and shiny? The unrelenting emails asking to review a product which just arrived seems unnecessary. How often does one get rifle ammunition and then shoot it immediately? Even a week later? A month? Perhaps build in a delay so one can give a favorable review of the product? I'm sure the product is great but wont know for some time.

      XCaliber 7/16/17- Ouch. We will work on limiting the Email communications and I like your idea of adding a delay. We utilize a few different apps to help draw more reviews, and unfortunately it sounds like we have duplicated efforts in this area. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Paul.

      Please keep in mind we are a relatively new company and our continued growth and success greatly depends on these reviews. We post them all and strive to address anything less than 5 stars.
      Andy S.

      XCaliber 8/4/17- There should no longer be "unrelenting" emails (there were two) requesting a review.
      Andy S.
      on Jul 14th 2017

    7. Hard to find ammo

      I used to search for this round and you had the best price and delivered quickly. The ammunition looked and shot good. on Jul 14th 2017

    8. Arisaka 7.7

      Worked sweet! It was nice to make the Arisaka talk again. You guys are one of the only places I found that manufactures and sells ammunition for it. on Jul 12th 2017

    9. Very nice rounds

      Great ammo for a old type 99 on Jul 11th 2017

    10. Great

      Shoots good, packs a punch on Jul 7th 2017

    11. 7.7X58 Japanese Arisaka- 150gr

      Excellent round for my type 99 on Jun 23rd 2017

    12. great

      Hard to find ammo at a good price. Got it for grandpas old ww2 rifle and have not shot them yet. My dad is happy to have them though. it was less than 40$ including shipping. that is better then every other website that had them stocked (45-50$ without shipping) on Jun 19th 2017

    13. Excellent quality ,very reasonable pricing

      Very satisfied with these rounds.This is my second batch and I expect the performance to be the same. on Jun 17th 2017

    14. Arisaka Ammo

      Excellent quality ammo that shoots well. My only problem is that the ammo is in reality PPU ammo packaged and named Xcaliber. PPU ammo is usually a few dollars cheaper than the price paid for Xcaliber.
      on Jun 16th 2017

    15. Fast shipping, quality container, good looking ammo.

      Have not shot the 7.7 we ordered for my grandpas war rifle. At least my dad can shoot it if he wants to now. This 7.7 Japanese bullet is hard to find for less than 50$ a box. We paid less than 40$ with shipping included. on Jun 12th 2017

    16. Great ammo

      Shot 5 rounds and seemed pretty accurate out of an old rifle. on Jun 1st 2017

    17. 7.7x58 jap

      First off, I'm giving 4 stars only because I haven't fired the ammo yet. They came on time and look very good. I check them on the micrometer they are in spec. I had a concern about the shipping address and Andy immediately replied to my email and took care of my issue. The folks at Xcaliber Ammo definitely have their shit together. I will be doing more business with them as long as I can!
      Thank you very much,
      JRG Sr.
      on May 25th 2017

    18. Good ammo

      The ammo worked very nicely in my Arisaka type 99. No issues whatsoever. It comes in a very nice box and shipping was really fast as well. A little on the expensive side for ammo but it's available and the price seems to be reasonable considering what others charge for it. 5/5, would recommend. I'd buy more if I decide to shoot the rifle more on May 23rd 2017

    19. Great ammunition for a great price.

      Very tough to find ammo for my old Type 99 Arisaka and I got lucky when a friend recommended XCaliber and the price was decent too. Finally tested it out at the range today and the cartridges fired sure and true, no problems whatsoever.

      This is top notch quality ammo and I will definitely recommend you to more friends. Thank you for helping me breathe a little life back into this old family relic that a relative brought back for us to enjoy all of these years later.
      on May 21st 2017

    20. Happy to find this caliber. Accurate and no issues, will buy more

      Hard to find ammo was shipped quickly and was correct. Ammo was pretty accurate, for out of the box stuff, and went off without any issue. I will not hesitate to purchase more. on May 9th 2017

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  • Other Details

    Product Type: ammunition
    manufacturer: XCaliber Ammunition
    bullet_type: defense
    caliber: 7.7 Japanese
    casing: brass
    grains: 150
    condition: new
    numrounds: 20