20 Reliable, Accurate, Historically-Significant Rounds...ready for your Type 99

7.7X58 Japanese Arisaka- 174gr FMJBT, Accuracy Optimized

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    This is our premium 7.7 Arisaka load.  With the same tight tolerances you have come to expect from XCaliber Ammunition, this 7.7 X 58mm recipe achieves an average muzzle velocity of 2,380 fps from a 26" barrel Type 99.  With a standard deviation velocity in the single-digits, you have to try this load...it just might become your new favorite round.



    Sierra Match King 174gr BTHP


    Factory crimp

    New brass

    CCI Primers




    If you have not yet fired your Type 99- please inspect your rifle before shooting.  If there is no rifling present, you are likely in possession of a training rifle.  These training rifles were designed only for extremely low pressure BLANKS, and firing live cartridges such as these WILL result in injury.



    IN STOCK- ships same or next day

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    1. Nice

      Fast shipping. Went out and shot the Type 99 handed down to me that hasn't been shot in 70 years. Performed flawlessly. I need work on using iron sights, but from 100 yds all rounds hit within center mass on a military silhouette target. on Nov 28th 2017

    2. Great service and fast shipping.

      Ammo functions well. Seems accurate, look forward to more shooting with this in the future. on Jul 7th 2017

    3. Great!

      Great ammo here, quality is 100%, very accurate and grew ammo to shoot, not hard on the gun at all! Does my Arisaka justice. First time it's been who in 72 years and this is what ammo I used. I'll always use this ammo, and Andy was super helpful! on Jul 7th 2017

    4. Jap 7.7mm Ammo

      Very clean looking ammo. Shot very well in my Arisaka Type 99 WW2 rifle. on Jul 7th 2017

    5. Great price and quality!

      Ordered a box of this accuracy optimized ammunition. Item came fast all rounds fired through my Type 99 without a hitch. Forgot how good the accuracy was but it shot well enough. Quality is very nice, a good place to shop for 7.7 Japanese. on Jun 27th 2017

    6. Shoots Amazingly out of my Type 99 Arisaka

      My Type 99 Arisaka was passed down to me by my grandfather a couple years back. The rifle was all rusted but I took it to the gunsmith recently to have it cleaned and it looks and functions perfectly since the gunsmith said it was in perfect firing condition he said to find some ammo for it so we can shoot it I found this ammo and my god it packs a punch. The rifle hasn't been fired since the Second World War and it was my first time firing a firearm the rifle awakened with a loud bang and flash so loud that people heard it in both the range and the store history came alive in the range. on Jun 9th 2017

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  • Other Details

    Product Type: ammunition
    manufacturer: XCaliber Ammunition
    bullet_type: defense
    caliber: 7.7 Japanese
    casing: brass
    grains: 174
    condition: new
    numrounds: 20