"Your 325 group a cloverleaf at 50 yards with my 8" pistol...Will order some more."

Jerry D- Facebook


"That expansion and penetration is literally perfect."

Steven S- During gel test recovery regarding 325 FTX


"Your 300s are more accurate than I am past 75 yards"

John D- Mentor, OH


45 ACP

"This guy makes some great ammo."

Eastlake Gun Show Customer


"Your defensive rounds are hot...and accurate.  Keep 'em that way."

Eastlake Gun Show Customer


"I was pleasantly surprised by how clean your coated lead shoots."

Summit County Gun Show Customer


Custom 45 ACP- 230gr, 920 fps

"Ran those 45s through my full-auto.  Awesome.  A little hot for my XDS, but I always shoot lighter target loads through that gun."



10mm JHP

"Excellent accuracy from a proper 10mm loading. I will definitely be ordering some more."

Brian Y- Facebook


"Finally got a chance to shoot those 10s, man.  WOW- those things BARK."

Dave ?- ARGC Member


"Shot real good."

Joe P- Berea Gun Show


300 Blackout 220gr

"I hit a 200 yard gong off-hand every time with those 220s.  Perfect for coyotes."

Steve S- Valley View


38 Special 125gr FMJ

"Ran flawlessly."

Dave H- Middlefield Gun Show


"Much cleaner than I'm used to."

Brian B- Berea Gun Show


9mm FMJ

"I like your reman 9.  When I'm off target- I know it's me."

Ron I- Mentor, OH


"I just shot it through a suppressor in the parking lot- ran perfect.  I'll take 5 more boxes."

(Badass) Medina Gun Show Customer


"My friend, Mike bought some of your 9 yesterday and really liked it.  He said you case gauge every one?  I'll take 10 boxes."

Indianapolis Gun Show Customer


"I shot your (test) subsonic 9s you gave me to try.  They were dirty...gunked up my can pretty bad."

Joe W- Berea Gun Show

Joe, we dramatically improved this 147 subsonic load before we went to market- because of your comment.  Thanks so much for the honest feedback!



"The most accurate reman 223 I've shot."

Oaks, PA Gun Show Customer


"You had me at 'Hillary Special'...I also researched you guys.  Nothing but good things out there- keep it up, man.  Love to support local businesses too."

Oaks, PA Gun Show Customer


45/70 Custom (Strong Level II)

"I shot your strong 45/70 loads last weekend out of my Marlin Guide Gun.  Dude those made me cross-eyed...Hell yeah that's a good thing.  Got a cloverleaf at 75 yards too."

Steve S- Valley View


45/70 Standard 300 JHP

"I shot those medium 45/70 out of my BFR.  I'll buy some from you every month."

Greg V- Lyndhurst, OH


"Perfect recoil out of my Henry."

Steve H- Ashtabula, OH


380 Auto JHP

"I was really surprised.  The 380s I got at the Eastlake show are more accurate than the factory version."

Remo D- Willoughby, OH


44 Magnum (230gr XTP)

"Those almost look too pretty to shoot.  Perfect crimp...good seating depth, perfect polish- these look like gold.

Berea Gun Show Customer 


44 Magnum Custom (300gr LFNGC) 

"Very powerful, accurate, and clean.  Let me know the next time you make a batch of those."

Michael S- Parma Heights, OH


460 S&W Magnum Custom (400gr LFNGC)

"These things are insane."



40 S&W Remington Gold Saber JHP

"I carry these now.  After seeing your gel test results and my group...I'm sold.  Hope I never have to use 'em though!"

Summit County Gun Show Customer


"After seeing the gel test, I'm carrying them now."

Brandon C- Willowick, OH