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XCaliber .458 SOCOM- 300gr JHP 20 rds new brass, High Power

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    This 458 SOCOM load consists of a 300 grain JHP which accelerates to 1,850 FPS from a 16" barrel.  Accuracy from our test upper averages 1.6" groups @ 100 yards from bags.  Exceptional terminal performance is achieved at this velocity.  This round passes through two layers of leather and 26" of standard FBI density ballistic gelatin.



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    1. Socom fun

      Excellent ammo!! Priced right even with shipping. Aero Precision build with Tromix barrel and Bolt. Absolutely no hiccups and very accurate with minimal recoil. I can buy Hornday for around the same price but after my Hornday 6.5 Grendel joke I'll wait 2 days for quality. on Sep 18th 2017

    2. Great Ammo at a Great Price

      This ammo was very well crafted and had a very reasonable price that could not be beaten anywhere! on Jul 13th 2017

    3. Socom

      Cycled and shoot well on Jul 12th 2017

    4. Great 458 socom

      Worked great out of my AR and I'm pretty sure for the price you all are the lowest out there on Jul 11th 2017

    5. Great ammo

      Cycles excellent and highly accurate. Can't beat the price or the quality. Will definitely buy it again. on Jul 6th 2017

    6. Customer for life

      I recently finished my 458 build three weeks ago and purchased a lot of different rounds but the best rounds I purchased were Xcaliber 458 JHP, the accuracy, power and flawless running (also you can't beat the price) even on a brand new upper was unbelievable. The 458 socom is very tight however the trick is honing the chamber and a thorough cleaning is a must for a smooth extraction+ running a lot of rounds through it. Can't say enough about Xcaliber, the customer service, shipping and products are all fantastic. Happy 4th to all and God bless America. on Jul 4th 2017

    7. hard hitting

      hard to beat this value good hollowpoint at a good velocity make spitting wood fun and easy im sure i will be buying more on Jun 24th 2017

    8. Great ammo at a great price!

      As you may know it's very hard to find reliable and reasonably priced .458 socom ammo online. This ammo is well priced compared to other sites and functioned well with out a problem in my Rock River Arms .458 socom. I shot 20 rds from 150 yards and was getting all shots within a 5 inch group. I had some questions about the ammo and emailed their customer support staff and I was surprised to get a response back within an hour and it was after their businesses hours! Shipping was very fast and I personally like that the company is military friendly and gave me a small military discount for the 100rds I purchased. Definitely will be telling my Army buddies about them and will buy again from them in the future. on Jun 23rd 2017

    9. Good price, great ammo!

      Functioned flawlessly in a radical firearms upper, accurate, moderate recoil. Definitely a round I will use from now on! on Jun 21st 2017

    10. Best Price

      Best price anywhere. Will be buying more soon. on Jun 20th 2017

    11. wow

      i found a new log slitter kind of expensive but makes big pieces into little pieces easily and its fun too." this round hits hard" still looking for good magazines that dont spread at the top but im happy with the rounds on Jun 17th 2017

    12. .458 jam

      I recently purchased .458 socom hollow pointsI have a rock river arms beast upper
      Every bullet either jammed or got stuck
      I also had two different manufactures of bullets that all fired without any problem

      From XCaliber: We're very sorry to hear about your experience, Riche. Please contact us at your convenience and we will work with you to help identify what is causing this issue. We have several satisfied customers using this same upper with our SOCOM ammo. Please contact
      on Jun 15th 2017

    13. Great!

      Have purchased twice now for my new radical FA 458 because it worked well first time i shot it 2 weeks ago. Feeds and ejects reliably, unlike the black butterfly CTX migration i tried 2 weeks ago which was horrible. It's also very accurate. Ill be buying more. on May 29th 2017

    14. The best SOCOM ammo

      Absolutely love this hard hitting SOCOM ammo. The best price hands down! Runs great through my Anderson lower with Tromix upper and barrel. Packs a punch! The only thing better than the ammo is the service from Xcaliber. I order ammo from a couple dozen places on line, takes over a week to ship and over two weeks to receive. Not with Xcaliber! Order ships same day or next day. I have it in a few days. Who wants to wait for your ammo? Keep up with the great product and service Xcaliber! Customer for life! on May 23rd 2017

    15. Great ammo

      Just finished my 458 build and purchased this ammo to test out the new gun, shot great and great pricing on May 22nd 2017

    16. Really good ammunition

      I ran this ammunition through my Radical Firearms .458 upper and it is really consistent in shot placement as well as i put my digital calipers to a box and a half rounds totaling 30 and the results were showing extreme quality control . In short i will by this ammo again if i can on May 15th 2017

    17. 458 SOCOM- 300gr JHP

      Just finished my build and was looking for rounds to sight in my scope and them hunt and looking locally at $2.00 per rounds these were perfect @ $1.70 including the s/h cost. These rounds worked flawless and can't wait to see how they perform on my upcoming hog hunt in central Florida . . . on May 10th 2017

    18. Awesome!

      This is great ammo at a good price! It performs flawlessly in my Rock River upper. The shipping is fast, wish everyone shipped that fast. It's awesome that people take pride in their own work. Thanks. on May 10th 2017

    19. Great product.

      No issues with these 458 socom rounds. Great price per round. 300 grain hollow point has plenty of stopping power. Beef up your lower if you're swapping!! on May 3rd 2017

    20. Rock River 458 Socom.

      This ammo performed flawlessly in my ar. The accuracy was spot on. There were no FTE or FTF with this ammo. I like it and will be buying more! The price is the best I have found also. on May 2nd 2017

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    • September 18, 2017
      Featuring XCaliber Ammunition's .458 SOCOM. Our Ammo works gre...

    September 18, 2017

    Featuring XCaliber Ammunition's .458 SOCOM. Our Ammo works great in all .458 uppers. Our loads are perfect for target, hog hunting and tactical. Visit us at and experience premium ammunition.
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  • Other Details

    Product Type: ammunition
    manufacturer: XCaliber Ammunition
    bullet_type: defense
    caliber: .458 SOCOM
    casing: brass
    grains: 300
    condition: new
    numrounds: 20